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Virtua Design is a comprehensive design and development studio based near Ottawa. We work with individuals and businesses of all sizes to bring ideas to life through thoughtful, client-oriented design solutions. If you think that we can help your business grow, or you would like any further information, → please feel free to get in touch

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All of our websites are designed from scratch to meet your needs. This means that we are able to ensure that your website does exactly what you want, whether it's an online shop, a blog, or simply a way for your customers to find out where you are based and to get in touch.

About Us

Virtua Design is a web design and development company devoted to creating beautifully built, custom websites that are as aesthetically appealing as they are easy to use. Launched in the fall of 2007 by François R. Caron, Virtua Design seeks to help small and medium-sized businesses promote their products and services through the creation of dynamic, personalized websites, and the use of the latest tools and web-based technology. We strive to be at the forefront of innovative web solutions and pride ourselves on our consistent quality and exceptional customer service.

If you think that we can help your business grow, or you would like any further information, please feel free to get in touch.

Some of Our Clients

Guernica Magazine, Freerange Nonfiction, Ever After Bridal Boutique, ICOR Technology, The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, Jonathan Lee, writer, l’Association des auteures et auteurs de l’Ontario français (AAOF) and La Table de Concertation sur la Faim et le Développement Social de l'Outaouais.


We’d love to hear about your project. Please get in touch with us. 819-918-8757

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